When I'm feeling flush with cash, one of my favourite websites to visit is Basso's Growing Bin Records. Beautifully categorised by a range of evocative genre titles like 'cocktails by the pool', 'dancing for mental health', and 'private German fusion and jazz-funk', it's one of those online music stores where you always find something you didn't expect to want.

A digger since 1983, Basso launched Growing Bin Records as a blog in 2007 before opening a shop in Hamburg in 2012. Not long after, he set up the adjacent Growing Bin Records label and began releasing a series of wonderful reissues and new music projects from the likes of Merge, Wilson Tanner, Guy Waxwell, This Person, Liquid Canoe and many other idiosyncratic musical figures from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Alongside his store and label, Basso has also compiled a few Balearic-slanted compilation albums, 2019's "Basso – Proper Sunburn - Forgotten Sunscreen Applied By Basso" for Music For Dreams, "Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing" for Growing Bin Records, and now, "Sitting In Trees" for International Feel. Fittingly once described by John Mayer drummer Aaron Sterling as "The ECM of Chillwave", Basso is just one of those guys who knows how to really get it done. Across "Sitting In Trees", he digs deep into his musical obsessions, coming up with a collection of eight killer tracks that feel expansive and intimate in equal measure.

Opening with the Satie-esque piano figures and wormy, Mort Garson slanted synthesisers of Edwin Schimscheimer's 'Bon Nuit Michelle', "Sitting In Trees" quickly moves into a mid-tempo technopop groove draped in guitar heroics on 'Mystery Voice' by Daning Fantasy, before hitting a jazzy lounge groove on Peak Of Normal's 'Hava'. From there, further delights include Christian Ch. Kneisel's post-punk meets reggae shuffle on 'Jungle Connection' and hearing the enigmatic Balearic singer Beau Michael two-step into synth-pop sunshine on 'Move Away'.

In a testament to Basso's powers of curation, hearing the New Zealand soul/R&B/pop singer Summer Vee's jazz-funk deep cut 'Judas' flow out of 'Move Away' almost completely recontextualises the sturdy vibe that underscores her unforgettable vocal, presenting it under a whole new light. From there, the compilation wraps up with some buoyant rhythmo-synth ambience from Patrick Jahn & Erobique and a yearning robo-dub meets lovers rock torch song by Ikee Largo. Perfect as a headphone playlist or a set of nightclub DJ tools, Sitting In Trees gets it done on multiple levels.

Sitting In Trees is available for purchase in vinyl and digital formats through International Feel here.