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Test Pressing

Kiss / Massive Attack / 07:09:94 / Part One

Keeping the Bristol connection alive here’s part one of a four part selection coming your way on Test Pressing. Here we have Massive Attack hosting a show on London’s Kiss FM as they hit the promotional trail before their second album ‘Protection’ was released. I seem to remember staying up late with tapes at the ready for this one as I was such a fan of ‘Blue Lines’ and wanted to hear what was coming. ‘Expectation’ was writ large on this album and it must have been a relief for them to have finally got to the point of ‘done’ on the difficult second album. As we know Mushroom was soon to depart (did he leave with the ‘soul’?) but nice to hear them all together in these sessions.

Hello to our Japanese friends on this one! Sayonara.


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