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The Portico Quartet A.K.A. I Saw The Bloke From The Art Of Noise In Vision Express...

Title of this post sounds like a bad mix tape but I did. Weird thing is each time I go to Oxford Street, twice this year, I seem to see Paul Morley. Anyway, so from there it was a short stop to go and pick up a CD I have been meaning to get for a while. Anything described as ‘the Penguin Cafe Orchestra meets jazz’ sounds good to me, and even though I am six months late on this one, the Portico Quartet’s (above) ‘Knee-Deep In The North Sea’ seemed like something to support.

On listening, I am not sure I’d compare it to the PCO, but it does have a lovely little bonus track at the end, which lets be honest is something you don’t hear on jazz albums. Here it is…

[audio:ompidou-bonus.mp3]Portico Quartet: Pompidou (Bonus Part) / Download

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