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Test Pressing

Freeway Audio

Post-modern classical music (stay with me) coming your way now on Test Pressing courtesy of Freeway Audio. I once set up a record label with some friends (we managed to release one record), but one of the projects I wanted to release was Freeway Audio, an artist I stumbled across via a friend in Sweden.

Freeway Audio is Jil Christensen. She studied at the New England Conservatory, wrote a piece for the American Symphony Orchestra, scored an opera, plays in a jazz ensemble, lives in North Carolina and makes modern classical music influenced by the likes of John Cage.

I asked Jil if we would be able to post some of her unpublished work and she has kindly given us four tracks from a soundtrack she produced. One of our favourite tracks here, ‘Maadi’, features vocals from Yazarah, a singer who has worked with Erykah Badu amongst others.

Anyway, you get the idea. This is forward thinking classical music, full of thought, and a melodic intent. Credit where credits due.

[audio:01-maadi-featuring-yazarah.mp3]Freeway Audio ft. Yazarah: Maadi / Download

[audio:02-zamalek.mp3]Freeway Audio: Zamalek / Download

[audio:03-emmett-till.mp3]Freeway Audio: Emmett Till / Download

[audio:04-heliopolis.mp3]Freeway Audio: Heliopolis / Download

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