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Test Pressing

Cleaning Records The Copydex Way

Someone told me this worked so I thought I’d try it out. I tried it on a bit of a good record, Prince’s ‘Black’ album, but luckily it seemed to work. Anyway, take one crackly record and a pot of Copydex and off you go…

Step 1: Open Copydex, remember smell of youth and dead fish and paste liberally onto the record.

Step 2: Cover the whole record with glue.

Step 3: Let the glue dry until clear. This takes a while so go to work or something. Step 4: The fun bit – start peeling off the glue.

Step 5: Pull it all off.

Et voila. I was chatting with the editor of Mojo not long back and they had never heard of this over there but I reckon it works. It pretty much cleaned this one up getting rid of the majority of the pops and crackles. Good to see Copydex has uses other than pasting it on your hand and freaking out your mum/girlfriend/child when you pull your skin off in front of them. In short, one to put on the ‘try when I’m bored list’.


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