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Test Pressing

i-D / DJ Of The Month / Tony Humphries

Taken from i-D July 1992. We went to see Tony Humphries DJ at the Hacienda once. We were on the dancefloor and it all kicked off between some of Humphries crew and some of the Manc lot. “Hey man I’m with Tony Humphries” they said in a ‘you-can’t-touch-me-kind-of-way’. “I’ll blow your legs off pal” came the reply in a deep Man accent. We moved pretty quick. My old hairdresser Andy who used to have the barbers under the Hacienda once said the sound he most associates most with the club is the noise of chair legs being snapped as people smashed them up ready for a row. It was messy in that bit under the DJ but the night Humphries played it was that brilliant mix of European and US stuff. A don.


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