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191 / London Club Playlists / 003 / Le Kilt

If St Moritz was a short-lived knee-jerk reaction to the Futurism of The Blitz and Hell somewhere in between then Le Kilt seems to be an attempt to re-dress the balance. Claw back some sanity. At least on a musical front.

Hosted again by Chris Sullivan, this time with Graham Ball, and with the “St Moritz boys”, Robert Elms and Graham Smith DJing (Strange & Egan had gone on to Club For Heroes). Again only running for five months late 1980, early `81. The music, a hip mixture of classic Jazz-Funk, Soul, and Boogaloo with the new represented by more Ze (other than James Brown, only James White and Lizzy Mercier Descloux seem to have made the transition from Hell) and angular white Post-Punk. The Lacy Lady Soul-boys largely returning to their pre-Punk roots (I`m wondering if St Moritz was just them raiding their parents record collections).

Despite their successful efforts to do something different I can still hear echoes of The Blitz in something like A Certain Ratio`s “Flight”.

All photographs copyright of Graham Smith. “We Can Be Heroes” is published by Unbound and contains some amazing examples of Graham`s work, text by Chris Sullivan and the full club playlists on which this series is based.


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