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Test Pressing

240 / Dr Rob

I don`t know what the weather is like where you are, but it`s cold here. -20 at night and a soaring -2 during the day. If this compilation is unashamedly full on Judith Chalmers / “Wish You Were Here” horizontal, then Judith has, some might say thankfully, forgone the bikini and instead donned salopettes, goose down and mittens, and strapped the skis to the roof of the car. Somewhere en route to the resort on an ill-advised, software recommended, untested, unsalted short cut, she has spun the car into a drift. No signal, Sat. Nav. now on the blink and not a soul in sight. A tree stump moves, its neighbours move. Wild boar, four of them, go running off.

One for walking in the snow, through a deserted ghost town of vacated Summer homes, watching the afternoon sun fall, the only footprints to follow my own, frozen from the previous day.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, The Remedy, FM.Karuizawa, Lone Star, RightRightRight


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