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The slight return of International Feel, currently focusing on Mark B`s own productions from his new studio in Ibiza. “Tales From The Nocturn” collects three tracks of chugging moonlit electronica that reference Krautrock, the Komische, and innovators like Moebius & Beerbohm, Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, and Roedelius.

“Mendicant Adventures” might be more “analogue marching music” (copyright Timm Sure), but it`s lightened by a promise of hope borne on Detroit strings. The cliché would be a “bubblebath” so I`ll say a Roland jacuzzi. A 303 spa? I`m not sure if Mark is begging for a living, I hope not, but I do know that he has given away most of his possessions on this adventure.

Flip and “Dark Of The Moon” is more of a skip than a march. The start of a Goan beach party, or coming up at midnight on some quiet harbour, senses heightened, charged with anticipation. How you might feel queuing to get into a hedonistic garden of Eden, like Amnesia. I can hear steel pans in there distorting, detuning.

For me though the last track, “The Paradol Chamber” is the one. A close encounter with the electro-pastoral of Cluster`s “Sowiesoso”. There is an acoustic guitar somewhere in the mix, while Moogs mimic bird song, insect chatter, and an emerald forest all wet with rain and lit by the grail.

You can listen here and read here.

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