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Test Pressing


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Steven Hall and Arthur Russell, guests at Bob Blank`s Connecticut farmhouse in 1985. City country city. A Durutti Column drum machine sketch. An experiment in E. A lost Talbot “Blazing Fire”`s metallic chimes and small figures. Looking out across imagined sea. Horizon`s dull silver promise. A World Of Echo. An exercise in restraint. Russell`s whale song in there somewhere. Sparse instrumentation builds and falls away. A tide coming in. Each wave higher than the last. “This time tomorrow I`ll be surfing”. Low end brass, frantic thin jangle buzzes amps at the edges of child-like lyrics of love, of wanting, and optimism. Arthur`s skies are always blue. Springsteen with a beat box. The Crickets` packing case drums. “Not Fade Away”. “Fear Of Music”. Wanting to be Bon Jovi, John Cougar Mellencamp, but resolutely Dinosaur Jr.

Hollie Records on Soundcloud.

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