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Terry Farley / Before Jack Had A Groove

Terry Farley, alongside Roaul Galloway, has been working on a book project, ‘Before Jack Had A Groove’, telling the story running up to Acid House starting in 1988. It’s the story of Soul Boys and Girls and the forming of a scene and culture that gave Acid House the foundations required to happen the way it did. Currently they are looking for a publisher to get involved so if anyone knows anyone then get in touch here. The chapter we are running, ‘All The Young Dudes’, focuses on the Kings Road and the scene around Acme Attractions and Sex. Those interviewed include Acme Eric, Don Letts, Andrew Weatherall, Nancy Stannard, Chris Sullivan, Steve Lewis and Norman Jay.

You can download a PDF presentation of the book by CTRL+clicking here or click the jpegs below.

Terry Farley BookTerry Farley Book3Terry Farley Book4Terry Farley Book5Terry Farley Book7Terry Farley Book8Terry Farley Book9Terry Farley Book10aTerry Farley Book11Terry Farley Book12Terry Farley Book13Terry Farley Book14Terry Farley Book15Terry Farley Book17

Copyright owned by Terry Farley and Roaul Galoway.Images courtesy of Don Letts. Layout and design by Nick Dart.Terry would like to thanks to Norman Jay, Paul Byrne, Nick Dart, Don Letts and Emma Warren.

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