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Test Pressing

263 / Gatto Fritto

Gatto Fritto is the pseudonym of London producer and DJ Ben Williams. Ben is one of the most underrated producers out there for us with regards to the underground space disco scene. His productions for Dissident and International Feel have marked him out as someone that is willing to take his time over getting things right. In ‘Invisible College’, released in 2007, he made a sleeper of a record that doesn’t seems like it is ever going to date. Long, strung out and hooky – it does it all right.

Williams is also a very very good DJ playing across Europe and part of the stable that DJ Nature comes from. An open minded group of people, a late night and a dancefloor and he seems at his best.

Gatto Fritto, Field Work, Mix,

He is playing this Friday (7th June) at Field Work in the Grosvenor backroom, Stockwell playing an extended set. It’s £5 all night and starts at 22:00. Expect lots of smoke, a bass-heavy sound system and some good people getting into it. You can find more information at the Field Work website or their Facebook page. On with the program.

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