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Test Pressing

266 / Dr Craig / The Healing Journey

Dr Craig, the artist formerly known as Cosmic Jane, responsible for edits on the Unabombers` Electric Souls and Paul Murphy`s Sixty Five, now removed to Hebden Bridge, dodging witches covens and playing Folk records to a sea shanty singing audience at a party called “Duende”, alongside Russ Marland (of Manchester`s Vinyl Exchange), at a venue named the Blue Pig, hidden in a wood in Midge Hole. Due to be joining Phil Mison at Chris Price`s four day happening that is ”Inkfolk”, DJing on a terrace overlooking the Rochdale Canal, Dr Craig is also one of the trio, with Ian Hinton-Smith of Alfie and Howard Marsden of Slomo, that man “The Mothership” a room-sized modular synth, the jams from which are set to exorcise a disused moor-land chapel. Also on the cards is the Selected Ambient Northern Working Men`s Club Tour with Andrew Liles (of Nurse with wound), which will see the good doctor playing, as the name suggests, ambient records at Northern working men’s clubs.

Dr Craig describes this selection as “loosely what might be termed New Age” and has titled it “The Healing Journey”. Watch out for the purple black egg flecked with gold.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Cosmic Jane, Dr Craig, Craig Smith, The Healing Journey, Hebden Bridge, Duende


If anyone would like to get in touch with Dr Craig, perhaps long lost loves or simply polite persons wanting a track list, he can be reached, via Duende, at [email protected]

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