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Test Pressing

274 / Nancy Noise / Made With Love

Special Branch stalwart, original Shoomer, Future DJ (a club that changed the lives of many), Orb collaborator and general all-round sweetheart (I never really thanked Nancy enough for her help with the tribute to Nick Rock Bar), I can only remember seeing Nancy interviewed once. A few brief paragraphs and a top ten, that included Japan`s “Visions Of China” and Prince`s “If I was Your Girlfriend”, in i-D, around 1990. Hopefully Test Pressing will redress that very soon. Until then here`s some music selected by Nancy for the sunshine, music that could just as easily soundtrack rain against a window. Memory on the inside.

Flamenco, Bacharach choirs, weeping violins. La Raza. Percussion rattling in a heat haze on a dusty desert main street. Soaring strings. Tracy`s broken. Brixton dread and classic Ska. Morricone in the House Of The Rising Sun. Belvedere Rare Grooves and Sunday Best Dingwalls` dancers. London Warehouse beginnings and The Africa Centre. Smoky loops, Ibzia ambience and Brazilian brilliance. Gilberto Gil reminds me of listening to Giles on a pirate, pre-Kiss (Invicta?). “Stop Bajon” will always be the sound of looking round and realizing that you are in room of similarly minded individuals, high and smiling. A Cock Happy Jazz jokingly called “Acid” and Antipodean Beatles-eque Psychedelia.

People like Nancy, and Leo, as far as I`m concerned, can play anything, so long as they`re feeling it, in any order, and it “be Balearic”, since they defined what “Balearic” is.

Made with love. Love from Nancy.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Nancy Noise, Future


By happy coincidence you can catch Nancy, DJing alongside former Future partner, Mr Farley, at The Gentleman`s Pinch, at The Half Moon public house in Herne Hill, on Friday, July 26. More details here.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Nancy Noise, Future, The Gentleman`s Pinch

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