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Test Pressing

280 / Ilias Pitsios / Dynamons` Longing Mix

Ilias Pitsios, DJs under the name Dynamons, and with his labels, Echovolt and Into The Light, manages to both release high quality modern Techno / House and unearth the pioneering electronic treasures of his Greek homeland. I think the first Into The Light compilation sold out on pre-orders.

This mix is a taster of what to expect from the second:

Minimal marimbas and Prophet Tangos; Robotic Operas and Arthouse ambience; Fukamachi “Jazz” and 1000 knives Funk; anthemic Yello Pop and Pedro Ruy-Blas Fusion; Sci-Fi Sambas and Noncollective Folk; Techno precursors; Industrial lies; Jungle menace; harbour lights; and sea blue Progressive Rock.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Ilias Pitsios, Into The Light, Echovolt, Greek Electronics


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