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Test Pressing

Where Is The Party At / 07:09:13 - 10:09:13

So I am a bit time poor tonight as someone has just come through with a free ticket for the UK’s Bestival (festival) so the Top Tens have gone for a wide one and here are a load of flyers for things we like the look of this week.

Hampus Time goes to South London for Field Work on Friday (Google it or go to the Facebook page and find Hampus mix in support of the night as its a good one), the lovely Niles from Emotional Pop (amongst other things) hits the Outlaws in Leeds, Hypnotic Tango sees Ali Renault, De Dupe and Hysteric come to town on an Italo Disco Electro tip, Max Essa, Ken & Gordy get things going at Lone Star at Bonobo in Tokyo, and Posthuman (our recent live show guests on TP) get to Montech in Germany for a live set on Monday night. I’m off to a field on the Isle Of Wight. Nice.


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