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Test Pressing


Maxmillion Dunbar’s “Woo Daps” is an almost hour long, free mixtape. A “re-take” of Dunbar`s album ”House Of Woo”, featuring remixes by Peter Zummo, Software`s Co La, Mood Hut`s Ttam Renat, flautist Sami Yenigun, and a live jam with Protect-U (mix coming from them soon – Ed) and Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights. Within “Daps” are also three unreleased tracks that point towards Dunbar`s future.

Dunbar says, “”House Of Woo” feels almost like an island to me now, a planet in the rearview that I was exploring but probably won’t see again, and to dip back into that world was fun.”

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The free download for Maxmillon Dunbar’s “Woo Daps”, via RVNG Intl., goes live at 9AM, New York time, November 19, 2013.

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