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Test Pressing

322 / Ray Mang

Ray Mang is Laj is Raj Gupta. One of the premier disco producers since way back when and still clocking forwards in a future fashion with no sign of letting up. You’ve got Dave Lee a.k.a Joey Negro who is, you could say, one of the first second wave disco producers from our shores with Raj coming in around the mid-90s. He has taken that wonky party sound and kept it moving on every since, working with Dan & Conrad Idjut shaping the Nuphonic end of things and much much more. He also runs the label Mangled and has released across too many labels to mention. He is prolific with the quality control on high.

New music coming from Raj includes a downtempo soul infused album project as ‘Sound Captives’ with Pete Z featuring guest vocals from Jhelisa Anderson (one of our finest voices) and Mozez that is coming out via a Japanese release later this year through Ene. Ray Mang remixes also forthcoming for Daniel Grau with Los Amigos Invisibles, Bryan Ferry, U-ka, Rob Garza & Neighbour, Paqua, Rocca & Baldelli, Max Essa, Jhelisa and more. Told you he was busy. He also DJs and you can check him at The Queen Of Hoxton on Sat 18th of Jan @ Session with more dates across Europe upcoming. Party time in TP towers. Enjoy the Raj.

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