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331 / Peter Visti / Live At Bar O, Copenhagen

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a new bar in Copenhagen, Bar O, run and owned by Danish DJs Peter Visti and Le Gammeltoft and also Puk Lykke. If you’ve been reading the site for a while you may have heard a mix of Peter’s in the past but basically he is a fine fine DJ and one of the best Denmark has to offer. He knows his music backwards and now has his own venue, alongside Le (a Danish radio hero and DJ), where they can play what they like when they like.

Peter Visti, Bar O, Copenhagen, MIx

I was there for Copenhagen Fashion Week with the girlfriend and we went there twice and I have to say its kind of nice to walk into a bar and be greeted by not only by welcoming Danish people but also by massive images of Elkin & Nelson (the bar name makes sense now right?). The music was spot on, the drinks were great and if you’re ever there I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s Peter giving you a taste of what it is all about musically.

Peter Visti, Bar O, Copenhagen, MIx


Bar O is at Pilestræde 12, 1112 KBH K, Denmark. Thanks to Peter, Puk and Le.

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