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Test Pressing

Central Executives / A Walk In The Dark / Golf Channel

Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, Central Executives, A Walk In The Dark, Golf Channel

Is it all over my face? Love dancing. Go bang! New York taxis. Delis. Ham On Rye. Central Park. The Smithsonian. Bright Manhattan. Ginsberg on finger cymbals.

ESG. Fire and grit. Message and attitude. J. Walter Negro`s sidewalk. Dynell`s Jackie 60. Thrift shop glamour. `50s polka dot dresses and red Ray Bans. DST & Bam taking it Uptown. Basquiat in the toilets.

James Chance and the Kid`s Coconuts. Dancing, fucking, fighting. Johnny Suede and Downtown scenes.

Moodymann`s Blaxploitation mirror. Moon B Hi-Fi. Going Good Sci-Fi. Cloudface abstract. Art House stalking angular city shadows.

An album of two musics that define themselves and then converge.

Cotton Club coffee in white fur accepts a drink from the Idjut Boys on Acid Test. A Jazz droid. A Gotham heartbeat, drugged irregular.

A torch still burning for NYC`s muse.

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