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Test Pressing

Kejeblos / The Family Mattress E.P / Phantom Island

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From The Drumpoet Community and Zurich`s Club Zukunft winds blow and effects circle Compass Point drums that thump for a kind of New Wave Acid. The sort of thing RVNG Intl. used to do before they went post-Techno. Blondes? Historics? Or Psychobuildings? NYC Art Dance, not House enough for Protect-U. I have to admit that I`m way too long in the tooth to spend lonely nights clutching my teddy, as the lyric from Momo Love suggests, when needs and a lack of moral fibre might force me to pay top dollar for a hard body.

Our friend Lexx makes the Acid throb and adds a skank, gives it all an `89 reheat. “Evendub” takes the strings from Shaka`s symphony and returns to funky Nassau with a “World Of Hunger” guitar lick.

“Pyramid” owes more to Washed Out, what they were calling “Chill-Wave” back in 2009, with a slick Sorcerer, Hatchback, Sentral vibe. A coastal drive. `80s love scenes.

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