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Vangelis Katsoulis 'The Sleeping Beauties'

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I have been meaning to write about this album since the day I got it. I’ve said it before, and I am bound to say it again, but classic is a much over used word but this has the hallmarks of a classic album of its genre. What is the genre? Well sort of ambient electronic but not New Age (for some reason that doesn’t wash well with me as a term). It’s closest cousin for me is the sound of Wally Badarou. The mix of melodies and syncopated electronics that move and turn but stay very much in a locked space. It is a lovely listen and works particularly well when you turn it up and sit and get lost in it.

This compilation which was compiled (rather wonderfully I have to say) by Tako Reyenga and Ilias Pitsios is made primarily of tracks from his albums ‘The Slipping Beauty’ and the split album ‘Celephias/Through The Door Into A Dream’ alongside two new tracks from 2012 and two unreleased pieces from 1988 named ‘Imago’ and ‘Enigma’.

Reading the sleeve notes to the album Katsoulis seems to have a very zen outlook on life. The track titles and thoughts behind the music relate to the earth – light, air, sun. He also had a clear concept of minimalism as being key to his music. It’s a cyclical system of sound. Repetitions with top lines colouring the spaces. One of my favourite pieces on the album was recorded two years ago which is extremely refreshing as it shows we have a lot to look forward to.

I really can’t recommend this release enough. It has been out in the shops for ten days or so now on vinyl only so I hope that its still available. A ‘Sleeping Beauty’ indeed.

Vangelis Katsoulis ‘The Sleeping Beauties – A Collection of Early and Unreleased Works’ is out now on Into The Light Records.

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