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Test Pressing

San Laurentino / Phantom / Live At Robert Johnson

Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, San Laurentino, Live At Robert Johnson, Hungary, Phantom

A score for a mid-summer`s night. It starts with an ethereal float, a surrender to Stevie Smith`s heavenly royal times. Kinda like a House counterpart to No-Man`s “Days In The Trees”. The sentiment feels the same anyhow. The rhythm, the momentum of a first kiss. A skipped beat and a short gasp of breath. A warm breeze of steel pans, heat haze and sundown cocktail apreggios. If Chris & Cosey were Evissinca. Sun sets, and the music moves from the Dub of FK doing Depeche Mode to the Dub of the A.M. Garage of Round Two and Echospace contemplation. It concludes in the dark, in a seduction of the wanting of Sandee`s “Notice Me”, and the crumbling defenses of Electribe 101`s kicked around heart. Afraid to believe in magic. The yearning of a small lovelorn string refrain. The end of another search for any love. No certain crowd that you run with. A willing victim undressing with strangers.

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