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Top Ten Football Adverts

Alright. Time to get in the spirit. I was sitting at home at the weekend and got that first twinge of excitement. Not so much to do with the England team, though I’ll hope we get somewhere, but three games of football a day for the next few weeks is a pretty good thought. Here’s the top ten football adverts according to Campaign Magazine today. Nancy Noise is also threatening a Brazilian mix but we’ll see if she gets time.

No.1. Carling – Love Football (2004)

No.2. Nike – Write The Future (2010)

No.3. Nike – Airport (1998)

No.4. John Smiths – Ball Skills (2002)

No.5. Carlsberg – Old Lions (2006)

No.6. National Dairy Council – Accrington Stanley (1989)

No.7. Adidas – Jose+10 (2006)

No.8. Barclays – Thank You (2013)

No.9. Nike – Parklife (1996)

No.10. Kronenburg 1664 – Farmers Of Alsace (2013)

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