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Test Pressing

Welcome To Test Pressing Editions! Available to Pre-Order...

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So if you don’t follow us on Facebook or Instagram you might not know that we are finally getting round to launching our own label. Test Pressing Editions is born! Maybe Rob will write a proper review at some stage (as I can’t review my own record) but a while back I was chatting to Nathan who is Bullion and one third part of Nautic (alongside Laura Groves and Tic from Young Turks) saying how much I liked his new EP and could I have the parts to one of the tracks I particularly liked. I sat down with Andrew Hale (Sade/Sweetback) and we did a mix under the name Open Space (our new project) that the band liked and we all decided to put it out. Nathan came through with a wonky dance version of the same track and also a lovely cover of Womack and Womack’s ‘M.P.B’. So that is our twelve. And its available to pre-order now at our shop here. Snippets below. Hope you like. x.

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