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Test Pressing

Juju & Jordash / Clean-Cut / Dekmantel

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Juju & Jordash, Dekmantel, Clean-Cut, Off Minor, Zsa Gang

Stacey Pullen`s Kosmik Messenger. Anthony Shake Shakir. Eddie Fowlkes flashing. Funky Techno Soul. Oceanic pan pipes. A tone pome recalling the deep seas of Jordan`s solo work on Off Minor and his collaboration with Max D as Zsa Gang. Navigating coral reefs. Caught in Drexciyian currents. A descent through increasing bass pressures, crushing Nemo`s Nautilus at 20, 000 leagues as it approaches Mills & Hoods` Atlantis.

“Whippersnapper” mutates and sets racing that Neal Howard riff, also borrowed by the Tuff City Kids for their Talamanca System remix, while “Swamp Things” leads marimbas into Sun Ra`s outer spaceways, the Barron`s “Forbidden Planet”, bullied by monstrous leviathan inner space tides. “Deadwood City” is tribal sax honking hi-tech Jazz, then everything dissolves into a vast blackness where the only light is the blinking of distant stars. “Anywhere” returns like an outtake from “Purple Rain”, all be it with a lumpy thump and kick. Prince getting a shoeing. The closing “Eventide” a “Nommo” like metallic alien ambience. The Detroit Grand Pubahs in a slow motion skydive from Venus.

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