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Test Pressing

Deep88 & Melchior Sultana / Playing Without Moving / 12 Records

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Deep88, Melchior Sultana, Playing Without Moving, 12 Records, Italy, Berlin

The thing that I like about Deep88 & Melchior Sultana`s output is that while they`ve obviously got their vintage gear, and they`ve obviously got a huge love of House music in general, they have absolutely no regard for vogues. What they do with their kit and their knowledge is play. Enjoy themselves. For me their hallmark is to, even within a single track, jump between different decades in the music`s evolution, juxtaposing time points and sub-genres. So for instance you might get the tribal banging of the mid-90s NYC Soundfactory whacked up against a 1986 Larry Heard bass-line. All of it with that highly revered smooth Italian warmth and depth. Soaked in the sound of labels like Heartbeat. Maybe not quite Calypso, maybe not as riff or hook-laden as that. That is of course not to call Calypso cheesy in any way at all, but this music is geared towards Deep. Smoky Jazz interludes. Lost on the dancefloor sleaze. New York by way of Tokyo`s inexhaustible enthusiasm. Live percussion with 280 West and Cassio Ware snares swinging. It`s like being loved up in `92 all over again. There are no frills here, but there doesn`t need to be, the simplicity is what makes it work. It`s clear that they have been making House for a long time, and it`s stripped down to its essentials. Almost as bare as say Green Velvet`s Relief in its own way. It is all it needs to be. The second track, “Karma`s Pocket”, being a fine example of this. The remixes, by Ben Cenac (reprising Dream 2 Science) and Andras Fox, included here, topped a lot of people`s end of year charts (Moonboots and Cedric Woo spring immediately to mind) and a track like “Yo House”, given the exposure it deserves, should go on to be a classic.

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