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Test Pressing

Nev Cottee / If I Could Tell You / Aficionado

Lauren Laverne, BBC 6, Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Nev Cottee, Proud Mary, Wonderful Sound, Aficionado, If I Could Tell You

Beats ponderous, like UNKLE sampling Sun Ra. Cinematic strings by Mason Neely who does all the Colorama stuff, and the lyrical suave of Lee Hazlewood, the Swedish cowboy, or Jarvis Cocker without the Agent Provocateur lingerie. The arrangement spiraling behind CSN harmonies like Jean-Claude Vannier backing his mate Serge, spinning, turning ever faster toward a Sebastien Tellier-like climax.

“Time will say nothing but, “I told you so”.”

“If I Could Tell You” has been playlisted by BBC 6`s Lauren Laverne, which has got to be some kind of coup. From our small niche to daytime national radio. A proper song and a potential proper crossover. I`ll raise a glass to that.

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