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Test Pressing

Auntie Flo & Esa Present Highlife World Series / Cuba

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Glaswegians Auntie Flo & Esa, inspired by Mala`s work in Cuba, performed at the Havana World Music Festival in 2014, and while they were out there booked a few extra days and some studio time. Inviting musicians that they met to join them, they created loops from locals jamming on trumpet, vocals, percussion and keys. The resulting “Die Bailando” is a ten minute plus Rhumba, not dissimilar to a more bass heavy take on Argentinian Daniel Melingo`s “Narigon” (a record that Apiento was tipped to by Peter Visti, and while Leo Mas gave me the nod and wink). Lively horns punch, bob and weave, stick and move, through a grid of speaker rattling bottom end and smartly snapping snares. On the flip, “Sabela De Cuba” blows clipped carnival whistles over a jogging b-line. If Bepu N`Gali updated Martyn Young`s Afro Acid shake of Mory Kante and put a Sting-a-like on the mic.

Next up in the World Series are Kenya and Uganda. Proceeds from the series will be sent back to respective countries to fund further musical projects.

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