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Test Pressing

A Vision Of Panorama / Music For Dreams

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, A Vision Of Panorama, Music For Dreams, Russia, Denmark

Jazz-Funk inflected Pop, or Pop inflected Jazz-Funk. Simply Red covering Barry White. The cool and breezy licks keeping an impatient Mandy company. THAT Balearic piano sound. “Sails Among The Clouds” displays “Features Of Love”. “Reef” comes on all “TV Scene”. So authentic is the E.P.`s recreation of a walk, barefoot, hand in hand with the lovely Linda Di Franco, along the sands of Aguas Blancas that it could soundtrack the “Look De Ibiza” video.

Jex Opolis adds “Juicy Fruit” Linndrum rimshots and a growling bass line, lets the piano hang around a while longer, show off newly acquired Charles Atlas muscle. Its pecs dancing like David Cole vamping at Better Days.

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