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Test Pressing

Musumeci / AN-i Edits / Mannequin

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Musumeci, Turin, Italy, Mannequin, Berlin, Lee Douglas, AN-i, Cititrax, Harry Batasuna

Berlin-based Mannequin continue to surf Italy`s `80s Cold Wave as Musumeci`s Turin shadow is edited by Lee Douglas under the guise of AN-i. Considerably less uncompromising than AN-i`s own Cititrax debut, Musumeci`s “Harry Batasuna” is rendered as House as Visage`s “Frequency 7” lifted from a live Music Box recording or Marshall Jefferson jamming the original “Video Clash” while Lil` Louis watched. “Untitled” pits processed Punk female vocals against a thundering tribal bass drum and tap tap tap tapping snares (think Ron Hardy`s “Sensation”). Drones scythe and circle, spinning the air in psychic (TV) magick ritual. Comparisons could be called with Azar Swan vs. Cut Hands, Wolf Muller vs. Mariam The Believer. Like Dolo`s “Percussion” shakes up a Balearic box, for old heads it`d swap for the Fini Tribe.

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