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Test Pressing

Domenique Dumont / Comme Ca / Antinote

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Domenique Dumont, Comme Ca, Antinote, Paris, Riga, Latvia

Me & Apiento both jumped on this. He in his search for the new, me hearing echoes of the past. Almost signed to International Feel, but the guys weren`t quite quick enough, the anonymity seeking reportedly Latvian producer comes on like Chancha Via Circuito and Jan Schulte modernizing rhythms from the South American and African continents into electronic psychedelia. His female collaborator sugars the pill and roots the music in the Avant-Pop that birthed a Balearic Beat.

Anna Domino and Antena make out with Arthur Lyman and Martin Denny. Mikado tease and whisper promises into Harry Hosono`s ear. Laurie Anderson wonders a moment at excellent birds. CTM swings in a Bontempi hepcat groove. Mica Levi gets transported back to a bongo-friendly coffee shop from Colin MacInnes “Absolute Beginners”. A female Bullion in a Wolf Muller jungle. As bonkers as Bob Chance, the Sound Barrier`s “Car Scribbles” and Obalski`s 21st Century Lounge. Julia Holter welcomes strangers, Black Ark digital bubblers mix with monochrome Saturday morning kids` TV adventure serial theme tunes replayed from memory by Eden Ahbez.

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