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Test Pressing

Suzanne Kraft / Talk From Home / Melody As Truth

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Suzanne Kraft, Jonny Nash, Melody As Truth, Talk From Home

Ponderous bass drum, sporadic machine handclaps, and smoky Fender Rhodes make a music like waking, rubbing the hours from your eyes after an all-night session in Muscle Shoals` Fame Studios with Spooner Oldham still at it and Dann Penn checking for what`s left of the whisky. Six-string solos rouse percussion like coffee percolating, or Zorg`s chilli con carne coming to the boil. The distorted cry of a blues harp catching clear skies. Rain at an open window while love rests its head. Unconscious unravels happy memories of skinny-dipping at Erskine Falls to the sound of Carl Orff`s ”Gassenhauer”. Close-miked fingers slide on a suite for morning, passing like time in recovery on a Michael Mann & Dante Spinotti crafted Florida beach, shimmering drone rising to the echo of an empty room at first light.

You can order Suzanne Kraft`s “Talk From Home” directly here.

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