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Leonardo Ceccanti / Plastic Fantastic / Aficionado

leonardo ceccanti nado015  front copy

Leonardo`s one half of Almunia and “(It`s A) Long Way” vogues, claps and pouts like Jagger to a Balearo-Rock chug not dissimilar to Felix Dickinson`s smashing re-work of their ”Travel”. Exemplary guitar flashes, as always, that can`t decide if they`re Joe Walsh or Dave Gilmour, hitting the leather-trousered stride of fellow travellers, Mushrooms Project and Mother Rose. There`s a song so simple here that it could prove anthemic in the right hands and circumstances. “Cosmic Summer” is an acoustic strum to mark the end of the night, a signal to ready one`s self for morning. All back to someone`s, trying to postpone that come down, bracing yourself, doing your best to bask in the last of it. Riffs replay in reverse. Memory rushing back to hang onto evening`s wonders passed. Still feeling the dance with the urgency of life, but too fucked to move. All you can do is smile.

On his remix of Plastic Fantastic`s “Here Comes The Sun” (originally released digitally on Our Night Recordings) Beatfanatic Ture Sjöberg`s bongos have original bedroom rockers undressing and wrestling. After a great night out, a great night in. I can hear her small laughter as her head becomes full of the idea. Bite your lip, and take the trip. Bob James shakes his thang at the Mardi Gras. Peter Piper picks a pepper. Over and over and over again. Mischievous and playful. Easy in love.

leonardo ceccanti nado015 back copy

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