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Test Pressing

Horsebeach II / Alone Together

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Horsebeach, II, Ryan Kennedy, Manchester, Aficionado, Half Silk, Jason Boardman, Moonboots,

Guthrie`s delay echoes in a shallow bay. Johnny`s Rock `n` Roll swagger Rickenbacker jangles. A Wild Nothing of simple songs records loves complicated by youth. Romeos and Juliets, bodies aching from want and desire, stars the obstacles we put in our way. An introspective romantic opens his heart and defiantly bears his chest on TOTP, brandishing flowers and honesty like weapons in a call to arms for the rejected and unrequited. “Midnight Part 2” and “Dana” take a slight detour and momentarily downplay this six-string wall-of-sound for a four-string Funk of Half Silk bass lines and Teen / Inc.`s 21st Century Rhythm & Blues. “Disappear” brings it all back home before hitting it`s cool Motorik stride.

“Horsebeach II” should be in shops on Friday. You can also order directly here.

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