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Test Pressing

Steve Hauschildt / Where All Is Fled / Kranky

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Steve Hauschildt, Where All Is Fled, Kranky, Mark McGuire, Emeralds

A slow meditative cloud worthy of Max Richter, Gigi Masin, or Brock Van Wey drifts into racing arpeggios, their urgency tempered and calmed by piano melody. Electronic bubbles flow gently towards a harp accompanied heaven. Oldfield`s “Tubular Bells” runs an isolated shoreline at daybreak. A New Age phased and sent spinning.

Steve Hauschildt shares a tonality, if not instrumentation, with former Emeralds band-mate, Mark McGuire, that of love reflected in a hall of mirrors, the reverb of empty rooms, light breaking a vacated hallway. This is a journey across Ambient`s varied terrain, touching on Techno as it goes, skydiving from Venus. Oneohtrix Point Never`s “Hyperdawn” speeding through serenity. Electricity twisting like bird song in green forest chorus. When a kick hits, it`s not quite Voices From The Lake deep, but close. Photek`s “T-Raenon” and Larry Heard`s “Alien” sceneries. Stars shining in counterpoint on a night drive thru Babylon. Moroder referenced via Carl Craig, Landcruising, until it becomes beatless once more.

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