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Test Pressing

Leo James / You`re Not A Machine / Body Language

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Analogue machines hammer out machine rhythms for machine rituals. A Techno ethno for a Techno world. Sampled archive documentary dialogue comments on the interface between man and his innovation, a blurred relationship in accelerated evolution. Prescient, ironic, prophetic, like Orwell`s “1984”, the sampled speakers question media`s non-existent threshold on what is deemed “entertainment”, “news”, and our subsequent dehumanization, question “wisdom”. It is in the blood, genetic, but nurture can tame nature. Yet what of nurture in a landscape saturated with “information”: celebrity, war, murder, hatred, pornography in all its forms? “Information” now forever at our fingertips.

Leo James is Leo Thomson, one half of Canyons (with Ryan Grieve), whose eclectic long player, “Keep Your Dreams”, got a lot of support from those in our musical niche (“When I See You Again” is still a tune as far as I`m concerned) and whose Hole In The Sky label launched the career of Tame Impala. Now relocated from Sydney to Melbourne, “You`re Not A Machine” is the first release from a solo project, and new label, Body Language”. The new 12 is quite a departure from Canyons sonically, and I mentioned to Leo that I could hear in it the socially aware, fascist-bashing Electro of Greater Than One and Front 242.

“Spot on, Front 242 were definitely an influence, and stuff like The Neon Judgement, Unit Moebius and Portion Control. The sound I’m currently experimenting with is a mixture of Techno, Industrial / EBM and New Wave. I don’t know how much you know about Australia but we’ve had a pretty fucked up, far right / neo-liberal government for a while which may be why Front 242 and that kind of thing particularly appeals to me at the moment.”

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