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Test Pressing

Füxa & Neil Mackay / Apollo Soyuz / Emotional Response

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Füxa, Neil Mackay, Loop, Apollo Soyuz, Emotional Response

Loop`s Neil Mackay joins Detroit`s Füxa for their second long player on Emotional Response, the combination representing two Generations of Space Exploration. Mission control dialogue echoes from the `70s race to own the solar system and clears “Apollo Soyuz” for lift off. Alan Vega Electro Rock & Roll encouraging you to “Shake babeee” as bright synths, groovy bass lines, twittering machines ignite over a popping beatbox. Free of gravity`s pull the band are rendered weightless, reduced to phased scratches floating on gentle chimes, before entering a void of “Zeit” like ambience, where everything is cast to distance or shadow. “Testz 1” is a memory of an idealized green Earth. Keyboard repetitions rise and fall, not in waves, but more the golden surface of a lake, sunlight reflected, strobing trees with its traffic. Edges blurred and warm. Sirens sound on “Fuxa Gate”, on a darker shade of Disco, the kind excavated from Patrick Cowley`s vaults. “Apollo Soyuz” is Secret Circuit`s early works, if they were awash with feedback, scuzzier, grainier, “bokeh”. Debris crashes, circles. Re-entry brings static and interference. Rotor blades turn on an approaching rescue vessel as reality re-focuses.

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