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Test Pressing

Pilooski / Isola / Dirty

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Dirty, Villa Isola, West Java, France, Dominique Willem, Berretty, Dutch East Indies, Pilooski, Jarvis Cocker, France

On his imagined soundtrack for the lost screening room of feted 1930s Dutch Media magnate, Dominique Willem Berretty, Pilooski draws on late night radio and Eden Ahbez for inspiration. “Villa Isola”, Berretty`s “palace of dreams”, north of Bandung, south of Tangkuban Perahu, left empty following its master`s death in a plane crash, en route from West Java to Europe in an attempt to liquidate his failing assets. The music, electronic approximations of water, babbling, flowing. Current. Percussive chimes for countless stars. Shadows described by flute, shamisen and koto tones. The prose, in Japanese, French, Spanish and English. The results recalling the Mediterranean experiments of Finis Africae, Joan Bibiloni, and the poetry of Hector Zazou as recited by John Cale. Cocker reads from Carl`s “Red Book” and Jung leads Jarvis into the Cosmic Cosmos. Completely sun.

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