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Test Pressing

Tolouse Low Trax / Rushing Into Water / Themes For Great Cities

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Tolouse Low Trax, Rushing Into Water, Themes For Great Cities, Dusseldorf, Salon Des Amateurs

The prim sampled dialogue on “Rushing Into Water” sounds like a `60s Blue Peter presenter interviewing Florinda Donner about her experiences as one of Carlos Castenda`s witches and her time amongst the Yanomami shamen of Venezuela.

“What did you learn about?”

“Rituals, cults, magical beliefs of the primitives.”

The beats are straight out of Wolf Muller`s jungle, gradually twisting and increasing in intensity, gradually picking up new rhythms like a gathering of tribes. The overall effect is not unlike Eirwud Mudwasser`s “Shiver” released on Balearic Social Records late last year, where a spell lifted from a Vincent Price “children`s” LP was used to draw you in. One for lycanthropes, sorcerers and their familiars, and one which joins a list of personal coincidences that keep pulling me back to Yage / Ayauasca .

Another of the samples quotes the line “No one can kill an idea.” I guess that depends on how quickly and efficiently you disseminate that idea before they kill you.

The whole E.P. comes from somewhere dark but not quite as dark as Denial.Of.Service. “Reserves To Talk” takes scissors to Kraftwerk`s “Numbers”. Post-Punk bass snippets lending the track the edge of Savant`s tape experiments. “In Quicksilver” is a dub for Auntie Audrey that drags backwards through quicker sand. Its filtered delay zooming in and out of ear shot, rocking to the rhythm of a psychedelic train. The click as its wheels hit the tracks nodding you in and out of the unconscious.

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