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Test Pressing

Mix / D.K.

Ok. We love this guy at Test Pressing. I like his whole synth sound as he takes it as far as it can go without tipping over into an 80s abyss. So, the act of restraint combined with amazing melody equals a unique sound and output, and if you can be unique in this day and age then much love to you and yours. And D.K. does that. We, well I, have been playing his forthcoming album on Antinote non-stop. Its superb. Short and sweet and the melodies and sounds just shine. So we asked him for a mix to see what he’s all about and here it is. The main himself says, “This mix is a wide range of ambient and avangarde music from all around the globe, somewhere between the 80’s and the 90’s.”

Buy his album when you see it. You won’t regret it.

D.K., Antinote, mix, Test Pressing

You can pre-order the Antinote album here.

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