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Test Pressing

62:32 Of Archival Arthur Russell Performance Directed by Phill Niblock

I am going to steal this post pretty much wholesale from Bradford Bailey on The Hum blog. So here you go. Consider it a blog repost if that is such a thing…


With all my heart I believe that Arthur Russell was one of the most beautiful and talented human beings to have walked this planet. His music ushers me toward emotion which I otherwise might not have felt. Of all the souls the Aids epidemic tragically robbed from us, I mourn Arthur the most. The thought that there might have been more music, wrenches me to the core.

These three films are part of a single work made by the wonderful composer Phill Niblock. It was filmed at his Experimental Intermedia Foundation on September 22, and October 27, 1985, and is one of only a handful of documents displaying Russell’s remarkable talent for performance. I first saw it in 2004 when it was released as a DVD accompanying Audika’s reissue of World of Echo. The audio recordings of these performances make up much of that album. Tragically Arthur was diagnosed with HIV shortly after its release in 1986. Though he remained with us for another six years, the album was to the last document of his solo talents issued during his lifetime. I’ve read that he was feeling pretty sick on the evenings that the films were made. Of all the creative treasure that float within our world, these film are among the most beautiful. Set aside 62 minutes and 32 seconds and let one of our greatest lost talents wash you in sound.

Arthur Russell – Some Imaginary Far Away Type Things A.K.A. Lost In The Meshes

Arthur Russell – Terrace Of Unintelligibility

Arthur Russell – Soon To Be Innocent Fun

  • Director: Phill Niblock
  • Producer: Phill Niblock / Experimental Intermedia Foundation
  • Editor: Phill Niblock
  • Composer: Arthur Russell
  • Lights: Steven Hall
  • Lighting Design: Arthur Russell
  • Camera & Editing: Phill Niblock
  • Sound Recording: Steve Cellum
  • Production Assistant: Stella Varveris
  • Technical Assistance from: Staten Island Community Television with support from the New York Foundation of the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, and the National Endowment of the Arts.

Video and Audio recorded on ¾ inch U-matic tape using a single phosphor-tube color camera. Audio additionally recorded onto PCM Digital.

Recorded at Experimental Intermedia Foundation September 22, and October 27, 1985.

Music partially contained on the Arthur Russell album “WORLD OF ECHO”, Audika Records.

Copyright 1988 Phill Niblock and Arthur Russell


Thank you Bradford & The Hum.

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