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Test Pressing

Bullion / Loop The Loop / Deek

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Bullion, Loop The Loop, Deek, Nathan Jenkins

I`m sure I`ve said this before but there`s a loose kind of Jazz here, in these simple, arty, angular, Pop songs. It`s in the violin of “Dip Your Foot” and the beautiful “My Lar”, the guitar of “Unless”, the fretless bass and bongos of “Peep Hole”, the David Astri “Dancing Digits” keys of “Never Is The Change”. It`s the Robert Wyatt in the phrasing of “Health”, and “Loop The Loop” also shares Wyatt`s nose-thumbing playfulness, a wilful awkwardness that bonds Nathan / Bullion to sometime collaborator, Jesse Hackett. The urge to break a carnival beat with galloping horses hooves, to replace Hip House`s sampled James Brown “Oh yeah!” with a loud “Whoop!”, to juxtapose that Jazz with Ambient Techno chords and kazoos. The honking sax on “Speed” recalls the Bowie of “Young Americans”, “Low” and “Heroes” and something makes me want to say “Thomas Dolby” (referential Tourettes?). Maybe it`s that auteur thing, `cos “Loop The Loop” is sealed in its own hermetic world. “Get To The Heart” is a computerised pizzicato R&B ballad. “Palm 2” mixes machine didgeridoo with silicone seraphim. “FoYoC” sounds like the seaside.

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