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Test Pressing

D.K. / Island Of Dreams / Antinote

Dang-Khoa Chau, D.K., Antinote, Island Of Dreams, Slack DJs, L.I.E.S., Trilogy Tapes, Russian Torrent, 45ACP, Paris, France, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Interview,

If “Island Of Dreams” were to pose for a photograph, it would have one arm around each of the shoulders of those International Feel mini-LPs by Len Leise and CFCF. Like Jun Fukamachi covering “Moments In Love”, a Fairlight pouts and puckers its lips to a soundtrack of slow motion embraces, caresses, and cheek-to-cheek, body-to-body, soft focus dances. When bongos take its tempo up, it`s Jose`s “Lollipop” and Len in Apiento`s “Dream House” (not LaMonte Young`s, which has just been finally reissued), but for the main it`s Sasac and Uku Kutt bedroom Boogie, with a melancholic guitar line, and melody fragmented into static, gasps and sighs. A voyeuristic Vangelis eavesdropping.

You can purchase vinyl here and digital here.

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