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Safe trips...

A cross pollination of Dance Tunnel and Stamp the Wax brings a new four-part series of events to Dalston this summer. Each party levels the musical gaze of the artists enlisted towards a particular country, genre or era, the resulting evening steeped in the sound of the DJ responding to the theme.

The ‘Far East’ is the first idea explored, and features the relentlessly joyful Soichi Terada (performing live), disco malcontent Daniel Wang and the Rush Hour’s ever-tangential John Gomez. The night offers a simultaneous statement of affection and challenge by the organisers, one which appreciates the skill a good DJ possesses and the demand to see what can be done with it. Terada turned in this week’s installment of the Resident Advisor mix series so get revved up by clicking below.

Other announced names for the series include Marvin & Valentino (Public Possession), Johnny Rock, and Mehmet Aslan. Perhaps an evening of Middle-Eastern disco is on it’s way? Although considering the infused topic could be a ‘sound that has influenced their own style, something significan in their childhood or a far-off culture that deserves more attention’, perhaps something more conceptually exploratory than just musically globe-spinning is in order.

The ‘Far East’ Infusion also closes at 5am which is a pretty decent deal for Dance Tunnel. Tickets are available now so get yours o’er here.

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