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Test Pressing

Raphael Top Secret & Nelson Bishop / Love So High / Antinote

Raphael Top Secret, Nelson Bishop, Love So High, Antinote, Review

There are a few labels that we are lucky to deal with that appeal massively to both mine and Rob’s broad tastes in music. Antinote is one of them and they’ve come up trumps again. I’ll let Rob do the other new release but this Raphael Top Secret & Nelson Bishop release is, for want of another word, great.

‘Chekema’ the lead track is fast but doesn’t feel it and has a weird European take on African music to these ears. A Crammed disc release for now. A tight little vocal loops around and those lovely deep house strings that Virgo and the like do so well fade in and out. You know… Those moody ones that keep music all held in. It’s a groove that doesn’t stop and it can happily roll around all day long for me.

‘Get Enough’ hits that mid tempo groove keeps a similar vibe with the lo fi drum machine and a looped vocal and a deep organ moving away. ‘Love So High’ rounds off the 12 in that cod white boy reggae fashion (though cod always seemed such a terrible phrase for what can be great music)’. It’s very good. Raphael is making waves and you can see why with this record… A very on point production. I haven’t a clue when it is out but its highly recommended.

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