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Test Pressing

Bolis Pupul / Moon Theme / Deewee

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Bolis Pupul, Deewee, Moon Theme

As dropped by the man Jan Schulte at the recent COMA boat party, “Moon Theme” is a Slo-Mo electronic chug that could have been lifted straight off a Beppe Loda or Daniele Baldelli tape. It`s the Innovative Communications of Clara Mondshine`s “Die Drachentrommler”, or the private press of Jonathan`s “Li Song”, given a 2016 kick. Very much, in fact, like Beppe`s Typhoon reworkings of funky Prog moments, stuff like Eloy`s “Horizons”, punctuated by the steam of machines and pistons sounding off, chiming clocks, and sweetened by space age synth tinkerings, reaching for imagined stars.

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