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Test Pressing

CFCF / On Vacation Remixes / International Feel

CFCF, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Michael Silver, International Feel, Mark Barrott, Paul Byrne, Apiento, Pharaohs, Remixes

Three re-works of music taken from CFCF`s superlative “On Vacation”. An unarguably daunting task, perhaps explaining the subtle, respectful results.

The Pharaohs make the biggest changes, remaking, rather than remixing the jazzy AOR chug of “Pleasure Centre” as all bongos and acoustic strum. The melodies that I likened to Chris Rea and Kim Carnes are still there, but a new spiritual flute line is the thing you`ll remember.

Apiento told me he thought that “Chasing” was “Beautiful”, though questioned, “Why is it so short?”, so here he extends the track by half its length again, adding a second guitar and unobtrusive synth work that puts Jack Nitzsche`s “Starman Leaves” and Eno`s “Ascent” on the list of Cafe Del Mar classics I could now reference.

Mr. Silver himself versions “Fleurs Laissés Dans Un Taxi”. The Metheny “Mas Ala” of the original pitched down, given a seductive `80s Soul sheen, and slipped between the sheets.

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