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Test Pressing

Mix / June 2016 Round Up / Part 1

First up the mellow stuff. Things get uptempo again in Part 2. We begin with Manchester`s Tom Boogizm and “Posh People Make Me Ill”, which I would of missed if it hadn`t been for the persistence and praise of The Growing Bin`s Basso. Germany`s Growing Bin also contribute a preview of the Shy Layer`s album that I`m really hoping will get the exposure it deserves. Amsterdam`s Music From Memory unarchive four sides of unreleased material from South Londoner Michal Turtle. Extended tape experiments that could prove as essential / important as RVNG Intl.s Savant collection from last year. Moving from Memory to Dreams, Kenneth Bager`s Copenhagen empire provide tasters of three projects, including new music from Spain`s Jose Manuel, all of which sound damn fine, with a capital B, to me. The long-awaited collaboration between Cologne`s veteran guitar-slinger, Dominik Von Senger, and Dusseldorf`s young guns, Montezuma`s Rache, finally surfaced as a joint release between New York`s Golf Channel & London`s Emotional Response. I once said to Stu, when he asked me, “Why don`t you start a label?”, that since we`re all friends, brought together by a shared love of music, that I could see a point when we`d be fighting over the same artists. Mr. Schulte seems to be a case in point, now producing sets for musical muckers at Golf Channel, the Emotional Rs, and International Feel. IFeel step up this month with the remixes of Vancouver`s CFCF. A daunting task if ever there was one, to reimagine “On Vacation”`s perfect minatures, but Los Angeles` Pharaohs retain the original`s themes and give “Pleasure Centre” an acoustic excursion. Also lined up from Barrott & Byrne`s Ibiza stronghold is the debut E.P. by Scandinavians Juan Marco, which mixes the blunted aesthetic of Peckham`s 22a collective with Arthur Lyman. Emotional Response go it alone for super high quality modern Kosmische of the second Brain Machine LP, an Italian / British hybrid, with Land Of Light`s Kyle Martin now added to the group`s analogue armoury. Kyle`s mate, and partner in Spectral Empire, George Thompson AKA Black Merlin unleashed “Hypnotik Tradisi”, a mind-fuck of a journey through manipulated fielding recordings of gamelan players, traffic and cock-fights, for Dan Mitchell`s Bali-based Island Of The Gods (Dan, can we please get a re-press?). Not field recordings, but processed Incan panpipes make up the entirety of France`s Les Halles` “Transient” for Not Not Fun in L.A. We close with Maria Usbeck`s “Isla Magica” recorded on return to her Nicaraguan homeland and committed to vinyl by Cascine in New York. Fuck Brexit. Balearic will always be a global beat.

  • Tom Boogizm – Answer The Ask – Ono
  • Michal Turtle – Maid Of The Mist – Music From Memory
  • Jose Manuel – Bilimbosa – Music For Dreams
  • Peter Visti – Passion – Music For Dreams
  • Montezuma`s Rache & Dominik Von Senger – Tangerine – GC & ER
  • CFCF – Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix) – International Feel
  • Shy Layers – Stabilized – Growing Bin
  • The Swan & The Lake – Dive – Music For Dreams
  • Juan Marco – Postcard – Feel International
  • Brain Machine – Traces – Emotional Response
  • Black Merlin – Voyage – Island Of The Gods
  • Les Halles – Living – Not Not Fun
  • Maria Usbeck – Isla Magica – Cascine

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mix, June 2016, Round Up, Isla Magica

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