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Test Pressing

Black Spuma / Onda E.P. / International Feel

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Playlist, Ken Hidaka, Max Essa, Gordy Allan, Bonobo, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

New New Beat bangs but its eyes are on blue skies rather than the black and neon interior of that orange place (1). Fairlights sing, angels sigh, keys make like vibes and synths take flight. A Funk break joins machine claps, sunshine swirls, and soaring strings, on a chilled Acid cocktail. The dark here is always countered by light. The sound harking back to those European pioneers who took equal inspiration from Chicago and Detroit. Producing a sound between Trax and Techno. Perhaps more Pop than the former, and simpler than the other.

“Gabula”`s the one. The loved-up chords of an “Ambient Mix” of a `90s Italian track (or an Enzo Ella (2) edit of the same) are stolen to temper an N.W.A. (3) sample and the sonar blips of the Proto-Hardcore of Depth Charge (4) being played at the wrong speed, while Force Inc.`s (5) 303 snarls and the Moody Boys (6) lead a Warriors Dance against an iron lady in a hijacked London warehouse.

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